A home is the most the most valuable asset any individual gets to own. For a few it may be a jet, a yacht or a diamond jewel but for the many, the family and home are precious to them. In order to ensure no harm comes to your home or your family, you need to invest in the best home security systems, home security camera and home alarm systems.

To choose the best needs thorough research and consultation with companies offering security systems. A computer and an internet connection is all you need to start your research. You can get to visit different websites and read customer reviews of past clients so as to make an informed decision. To make your research journey short, below are features for the best home monitoring system.

Wireless connection and backup for batteries

Invention and innovation has enabled the production of technologies such as wireless connectivity and cellular connection. Both wireless and cellular connectivity has enabled people to communicate with one another across continents. With a little innovation, security companies have been able incorporate both technologies for security systems.

Before wireless and cellular connectivity were available, home security monitoring was done by use of landlines. Today, due to high crime rates, landlines have been found to be vulnerable. Burglars discovered that by cutting telephone lines, they were able to disconnect security warning systems. This gave them a chance to intrude and steal whatever they wanted.

With use of wireless and cellular connectivity, disabling has become impossible. The system comes with battery backups to ensure they continue working always.

Difficult to tamper with

When a person gets home, their security system has an entry delay which gives an individual time to turn it off so as to prevent the alarm from going off. Experts monitoring your home can know if a burglar breaks into your home.

When burglars gain entry into a home, their first choice is to smash or break the alarm system so as to disable it before it sends out an alarm. Security experts today have devised a clever system called crash and smash protection system. The system works by sending two messages. The first message is sent when an intruder breaks into the home. If the first message is not followed by a second message to indicate that the alarm has been disabled correctly, the security experts will immediately sent a team to your home to investigate.

Remote accessibility

The internet has enabled development of amazing technologies like websites and cloud systems. Security companies have developed portals that allow their customers to create an account. Using a username and a password, a user can get to monitor their home while at work or even when on vacation.

Other things you can do remotely include configurations, arming and disarming the system. Other experts have developed apps that enable a user to remotely monitor their home via a smartphone or tablet.

Wide range of security sensors

Modern systems today have expanded from just being alarm systems to include windows and door security. Sensors have been designed and can be placed in different windows and doors that security experts have determined to be entry points for burglars. The sensors can detect human motion and are able to differentiate between humans and animals.

With wireless connectivity, experts have no need of running cables all over the house. The sensors are all connected to the alarm system which is able to monitor the garage door tilt sensors, the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, water intrusion and freeze sensors.

Other home control features that can be incorporated with the alarm system include lighting and entry locks. You can configure the alarm system to work with the lights such that if there was an intruder and the alarm system went off, all the lights in and out of the home will go on. By doing this, the intruder will be cornered and you can hand them over to the police.

You can turn off the alarm system at its control panel by simply inputting the correct code. This will switch off the lights and reset the system.

With a wide range of sensors installed all over your home, you don’t need to worry anymore while at work or while on a vacation.