Frying with Air

Frying with Air

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Very few people can deny the tempting deliciousness of fried foods. From the crunch of fried chicken to crispy French fries, it is the bane of dieters and health-conscious eaters everywhere. Fortunately, through the wonders of modern technology, there is a way to enjoy the taste and texture of your favorite fried foods without the oil, fat and calories of traditional deep fry. Introducing: frying with air! This cooking technique allows you to fry, roast and grill without using the usual large amounts of oil needed with a fryer. You might be asking What is an Air Fryer? Well watch the linked video to find out more about it.

How Does It Work?

Frying with air is accomplished through the use of a hot air frying machine, which works by circulating extremely hot air (up to 200 degrees Celsius) around the food at high speed. This Rapid Air Technology is similar to the flow of heat currents in a pot of boiling oil, cooking the food while making it crispy on the outside. The end result is moist, crispy food with up to 80% less fat than traditional deep-fried food. An air fryer typically uses only a tablespoon of oil to prepare the food, as compared to completely submerging the food in oil.

AdvantagesFrying with Air

Obviously, the biggest advantage of using an air fryer is the health benefits it provides. With less calories and fat, the air fryer provides a healthy alternative to much-loved, but unhealthy fried foods. According to reviews, the taste is not exactly the same as food cooked in a traditional fryer, but is very similar and worth having the health benefits for a slight difference in taste.

Versatility is another huge benefit to frying with air, read more about this at myfryer’s website. Many different types of food can be cooked in an air fryer, including meat, poultry, potatoes and French fries. You can even bake a cake or grill vegetables if you desire. A majority of the same foods that you enjoy deep-fried can be successfully cooked in an air fryer.

There is much less hassle involved when using an air fryer. No waiting for the oil to heat up or cool down, no disposal or storage of large amounts of oil, and no odor from the hot oil in your kitchen. Air fryers are also much safer with no worries about oil spills, burns or fires.

If you are looking to eat healthier, but still love to eat fried foods occasionally, you no longer have to choose. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Eat the foods you love without the fat, calories or guilt you may have had in the past. Try frying with air and see how delicious healthy can be!

Harrison Ford- Star Wars

Harrison Ford: Star Wars

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Harrison Ford is an American actor most known for his role as Han Solo in the Star Wars saga. Star Wars was first launched in 1975 and was met with a great reception from moviegoers. Star Wars has solidified itself as one of the highest grossing and most popular Science Fiction movies of all time. Harrison’s portrayal of one of the main characters, Han Solo, launched both Ford and the saga into fame.

As the popularity of the sage continued, the Star Wars saga launched Harrison Ford from relative obscurity, having only parts in small movies, to being the face of an undeniable movie legacy. Early on in casting of the film, Ford tried out for the part in early 1975. At the urging of Steven Spielberg, the director of Star Wars, George Lucas, cast Ford as Han Solo and the rest became history.

Ford’s Success:Harrison Ford- Star Wars

Harrison Ford went on to star in the next two Star Wars sequels (NetworthInsider). Both of the sequels were quite successful and are known as The Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi. Ford also played in the Star Wars Holiday Special. To this date, Star Wars is one of the highest grossing movies of all time.

Harrison Ford was listed as one of the richest actors alive in 2001, and it is stated that his movies have collectively grossed more than $3.3 billion dollars. His continuous portrayal of Han Solo in the Star Wars saga has earned him many nominations, including an Academy award.

Although the Hans Solo character was killed off in the sequel, The Force Awakens, Ford has hinted at Solo having a return in upcoming Star Wars movies, stating that “anything is possible in space.” Star Wars fans continue to watch and hold their breath with every Star Wars movie, especially fans of Han Solo. With the saga riding high in the Science Fiction genre, it seems that the sky is the limit for both the saga and for Harrison Ford.

Enhance Your Home Security with Different Addons to Your Home Alarm System

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stop burglarsNew technology, wireless Internet, and smartphones give you a lot of new opportunities to better protect your house. Today, there are so many devices that can work together, and 24/7 access to data allows you even to observe your house anytime you are outside, with the use of your smartphone. Which devices to choose to add to your home security system to get the most out of it? Below you will find the most popular options, added by customers who wanted extra security to protect their homes better.


1. Automated lights, draperies, and locks
Getting automated light switches allows you to fool burglars easily and fake your presence. If you program them well, it should be hard to distinguish whether it’s artificial light sequence or genuine human presence. Similarly, you can get yourself lights which turn on when someone is close to them. A great idea is to install them around the house as they can easily scare people who get too close to your property.
The same goes for draperies and blinds. If you automate their work, you can set them to close on a given time, or anytime your alarm system is armed or activated. This gives you extra security, not only fooling people watching your house but also giving you extra protection on your windows and doors.
The third thing, which you can easily automate are door locks. If you invest in electronic door locks, you can get full reports on when people visit your house and what code was used to enter the house. If there is force used in an attempt to break into your house, you will be informed about this immediately as well. Such logs are also a great way of closing the door should anyone at your house forget to do that as they can be set to close after a certain amount of time automatically if the door is left open.
Install additional sound alarms.
Usually, most people have only one sound alarm in their home alarm system, which is activated anytime someone breaks into the house. It’s good to install a few additional sound-based alarms, which can be triggered when someone is spotted in the backyard in the middle of the night. Of course, this has to be set wisely, as you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night only to see the neighbors’ cat running around your garden). You can install a quiet system, which will be activated anytime there’s an intruder near your house, at an hour when there should be no one there.


Get Yourself an Intelligent Thermostat
There are more dangerous to your home than burglars. You don’t want your house to burn down just because there was fire, or your family to be endangered by carbon monoxide. To make sure nothing like this happens, it is best to have automated systems for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, all of which inform you anytime there’s something wrong going on and allow you to switch off quickly anything that’s potentially dangerous.

Empire Axe Marker

Empire Axe Marker

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Empire Axe Marker without exaggeration is a high quality and one of the best paintball guns that has been in use for a very long time. The empire Axe is the gun you can use to cut your way in any competition. It has a bolt removal system which arguably makes it one of the quickest guns in the market place. With its simplicity, you can easily access to its bolt in a quick twist and pull.


  • It has a large air volume which does not provide kick
  • An extended Grip Fame and New Grip for increased comfort
  • Has a low pressure operation and gentile on target
  • Outstanding velocity consistency with reliable performance
  • Clamping feedneck
  • It has a magnet that helps to return bearing trigger

A classy Shot

The performance of empire axe Marker is usually what is most fascinating when analyzing it. It is an Axe that can fire accurately and easily. It does not in any way give you unnecessary delay as long as it is well set. Its operating pressure is quite low and it has special anti-chop eyes which help to empower ballers to shoot delicate paint. It has been reported several times that going through 5,000 paintball with this Empire Axe and not even a single one got broken.

Empire Axe Marker
The Empire Axe Marker

Easy Maintenance

The Empire Axe Marker is a type of gun that is easy to clean without stress when it comes to its maintenance. Just a simple press of a button on the marker’s region, the engine can be accessible. The engine has a hefty piece which contains several 0-rings on it. The users of this Empire Axe Marker always enjoy its simplicity.

In all that has been said about the Empire Axe, its shooting is quite easy and has enough speed that can reach to your expectation and also in a good accuracy. It does not make noise while firing at a rapid pace without having any mechanical hassles. If you are thinking of having one, this is the right to do so. Enjoy the fun it offers.