Month: April 2017

Toilet Technology

Many of you are conversant with the toilets that allow you to flash and all the dirt is gone. However, in some part of the world, a toilet means a hole in the ground. These types of toilets are not only smelly but can also be a source of diseases. However, with the rapid growth in technology, the future looks promising in terms of toilet technology. There are high chances that there will be better human waste disposal meaning better and safer lives for humanity with the best toilet. In this article, we are looking to inform you some of the steps that researchers are making in a bid to make our toilets better with regards to technology.

What are some of the technological enhancements?

Though they are not ready for use, some developments in technology are determined to make pooping safer. Here are some of them:

Solar-powered poop booster

This waste treatment system will work by turning human waste into fuel. It will be able to serve over 500 people per day making it somewhat efficient. There are two main advantages of this waste treatment system namely; they have the ability to produce hydrogen, water and electricity and their main source of power is the sun.

Divert urine, burn the rest

This is another amazing idea that researchers have come up with. In this one, they are aiming to make the toilet work by making it a diversion toilet where urine will be separated from the feces. Drying and burning of the feces are what follows and the urine will make fertilizers and water.

There are other toilet technological innovations have the chance to start working in the near future. They include “the poop grinder, don’t pass gas, make gas and don’t cross the streams!”

Always keep in mind that technology changes from time to time and that means you can expect something new at any given time.

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