Empire Axe Marker

Empire Axe Marker

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Empire Axe Marker without exaggeration is a high quality and one of the best paintball guns that has been in use for a very long time. The empire Axe is the gun you can use to cut your way in any competition. It has a bolt removal system which arguably makes it one of the quickest guns in the market place. With its simplicity, you can easily access to its bolt in a quick twist and pull.


  • It has a large air volume which does not provide kick
  • An extended Grip Fame and New Grip for increased comfort
  • Has a low pressure operation and gentile on target
  • Outstanding velocity consistency with reliable performance
  • Clamping feedneck
  • It has a magnet that helps to return bearing trigger

A classy Shot

The performance of empire axe Marker is usually what is most fascinating when analyzing it. It is an Axe that can fire accurately and easily. It does not in any way give you unnecessary delay as long as it is well set. Its operating pressure is quite low and it has special anti-chop eyes which help to empower ballers to shoot delicate paint. It has been reported several times that going through 5,000 paintball with this Empire Axe and not even a single one got broken.

Empire Axe Marker
The Empire Axe Marker

Easy Maintenance

The Empire Axe Marker is a type of gun that is easy to clean without stress when it comes to its maintenance. Just a simple press of a button on the marker’s region, the engine can be accessible. The engine has a hefty piece which contains several 0-rings on it. The users of this Empire Axe Marker always enjoy its simplicity.

In all that has been said about the Empire Axe, its shooting is quite easy and has enough speed that can reach to your expectation and also in a good accuracy. It does not make noise while firing at a rapid pace without having any mechanical hassles. If you are thinking of having one, this is the right to do so. Enjoy the fun it offers.