How to Use Remington Beard Trimmer

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A Remington beard trimmer is a fabulous investment that will save men money on beard trims at the salon. When wondering how to use Remington’s beard trimmer or mens body trimmer, a person can easily follow a few basic instructions and get a wonderful result.

The Remington beard trimmer comes with guards. These guards will ensure that the beard is cut at a uniform length. If a person wants a beard trim that is about a finger width, then size 8, the largest, guard should be used. When a short beard is required, which will give an overall buzzed look like the back of a head after a haircut, a lower number should be selected.

Remington Beard TrimmerThe Remington cordless beard trimmer will need to be charged first. Keep the beard trimmer on the stand for roughly 6 to 12 hours to regenerate. Make sure that the first time charging the beard trimmer, that the trimmer is fully charged before use. Then, when using the trimmer, try to drain out the charge fully over a series of trims before recharging it fully again. This will ensure that the trimmer has a longer life.

Before the cut, put a little oil on the blade to help the mechanics run smoother. Try to use a clipper oil or a person can also purchase castor oil. Just a few drops will do.

Now, use the guard to create a length for the beard. Then take the guard off and etch around the outline of the beard to cut the shape of the beard properly. The trimmer can be turned to just use the tip of the blade for cutting.

The Remington beard trimmer might not get the hair by the lip properly. This hair can be trimmed using a pair of small hair styling shears.

The overall look will be exactly like salon quality. This is how to use Remington’s beard trimmer and receive the desired results.